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  • Crisis Family Care - Crisis Family Care is an organization designed to strengthen family relationships. Crisis Family Care (CFC) is working to make a dramatic difference in every home in the US and around the world. CFC is accomplishing this by providing online counseling resources and ready-to-use teaching tools on the internet for small business group meetings, community counseling for children and youth, pastors, Sunday school teachers, lay leaders, or youth leaders to use in their personal sphere of influence.
  • Dr. W.N. King - Dr. King was a professor of Religion at Bethany Nazarene College from 1949 to 1964. On the web site are class notes, articles and sermons of Dr. King
  • Harvey Christian Publishers - Harvey Christian Publishers has a long heritage of publishing books to promote holy living. Edwin & Lillian Harvey were sent by their Holiness Church to Britain before WWII. It was there that they began compiling writings of godly men and women for publication. In 1982 they returned to the US where they continued to publish.
  • Inter-church Holiness Circuit Riders - A Network & Forum for Conservative Holiness Church Planters. This will be our place to hear church planting success stories and blunders. We will be able to chat with each other. There will be links for resources, a directory, news of what's working and what is not working. We'll get to know each other better and hopefully support one another better. Suggestions and help is welcome.
  • Legal Resource Center - Access to Legal Documents, Taxforms, Answers to Legal Questions. Legal Protection Plans Available for Family and Business.
  • Miller Design Studio - Miller Design Studio is a Metro Detroit company that specializes in quality design at an affordable price for ministries and businesses. You may order online or request a specialized quote.
  • Penn View Visuals - Penn View Visuals produces original visuals aids for child evangelism. We produce songs, stories, programs, and tapes for use in churches, Christian schools, Sunday schools and homes.
  • Relevant Bible Lessons - Ready to teach Bible lessons for use in an elective S.S. class or Bible study. A new lesson is added each week. Current news items are considered from a Biblical perspective helping students to know how a Christian should respond to the issues they face. The weekly packets include a teacher's lesson and a reproducible student lesson handout.
  • Spreading the Faith Virtual Assistance & Christian Resources - “Spreading the Faith” is a business/ministry crafted especially to virtually attend to the secretarial and administrative needs of churches and Christian ministries, pastors and Christian workers. We provide select specialized services at affordable rates.
  • The Ladies' Companion - We are a 12-page, bi-monthly periodical for holiness women dealing with the various facets of Christian womanhood from a conservative perspective. Our regular columns address spiritual life, emotions, marriage, mothering, decorating, missions, hymn stories, recipes, and Women of Worth updates.
  • The Layman's Bible Resource - A website to give the layperson a variety of helps to use in teaching Sunday school, having prayer meeting, young people’s service, whatever.
  • The Weekly Wesley - Inspirational blog sharing the wisdom and insight of John Wesley (and other Holiness writers) with free Bible studies and links to resources.
  • Wallace Thornton, Jr. Publications - This ministry provides books and other materials that bring the stories and personalities of history to life with spiritual applications for today.

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